World Vision


Goal-oriented and tirelessly driven, Joan has channeled much of her energy toward efforts and organizations that effect change. Joan has been an ambassador for World Vision Canada for over 20 years.   With a wide range of focus, from HIV Aids, poverty, care for mothers and babies, gender equality, clean water and food sources; Joan’s generosity knows no bounds. Her loving nature has allowed her to travel to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Mozambique, Cambodia and Costa Rica and most recently the Democratic Republic of Congo with World Vision Canada .  She also attended the 2018 United Nations conference on the "Status of Women" in New York City. 


"Above all, Joan has such a warm heart.  She is a passionate advocate for the world's most vulnerable children.  We are grateful to have Joan as a partner, and so thankful that she is willing to inspire other Canadians to join the cause to help improve the lives of children."
Michael Messenger (President & CEO, World Vision Canada) 

Joan’s dedication has been recognized in a variety of ways. She has been honoured with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition in contribution to humanity and the Mother Teresa Award from Athol Murray College of Notre Dame for her work in Mozambique. 



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